August 25, 2011

Kenadee's 1st Birthday

My dearest Kenadee Payton, on your 1st Birthday…

Your almost a year old Kenadee…what a year this has been. Even before you were born, it was such a fun time being pregnant with you, so many different things I experienced, and dealt with from an adult point of view. You have changed me forever and for that I am grateful.

When we found out we were pregnant, it was 5am in the morning on a Friday, and we called Grandma to let her know. Daddy was smiling ear to ear and we couldn’t go back to sleep. There was such a wave of emotions that we just stayed up and called everyone! Mommy used to smoke, so when we found out you were inside of me I had to quit, and that was another great thing that happened to me! We went to the Dr. on Jan 28th and heard your heart beat…that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. I didn’t know how to act, I will never feel that moment and be so excited, happy and full of love as I was that moment. You were in my belly.
Weird right?

Every week I followed your progress on how big you were getting, there were times I would put my hand on my belly waiting to feel you kick, and then May came along and I felt you kick me for the first time. It was something I waited for my whole life with out even knowing it! When I got further along, you could actually see your foot and elbow through my tummy!

We were about 35 weeks pregnant and we were at the Dr. and she confirmed us to have a C-Section to have you delivered. We got to pick the date of your arrival, so that’s how we got to bring you into the world on Friday, September 3, 2010. What a morning that was. I was nervous, scared, excited, happy and all in the same day! Daddy started doing dishes before we went to the hospital he was so nervous! He stopped at McDonalds because he was in for a long day and I couldn’t eat anything because they consider a C Section surgery.

We got to the hospital and they welcomed us on the maternity floor. I was admitted into the hospital, hooked up to all the necessary machines, filled out all the paperwork and then the Dr. explain what happens in a C Section. You had to see Daddy trying to put on the hospital outfit. He went to sit and split it right up his butt! LOL! I waved to Grandma and Aunt Pat who were waiting in the area for us to be done and headed off into surgery.

Daddy had to wait outside while they gave me what’s called a Spinal (to numb me while they took you out of my belly). Once that was done, Daddy got to come in and sit right next to my head. He had the camera all ready to go! You didn’t want to come out; you were way to comfortable inside of me! The Dr. had to make a extra long incision and use another Dr. to help to pull you out. You were born at 10:56am, that’s when they took you out of me and put you on top of me! You were so chubby at 9pds, 1oz…You had low blood sugar because of my diabetes (I will explain later) so they gave you some sugar and then Daddy got to take pictures of you and take you to the nursery and give you your first bath while they stitched me back up.

Daddy brought you out to see Grandma and Aunt Pat and they were so happy they were crying all over you! I had to be in recovery for a while so I didn’t get to see you again until almost 5 hours later (that was a long time) I had to lay flat because of the medicine so Daddy, Grandma and Gerri were holding you and changing you. Then we had everyone come up to see you!

You were so stinking cute Gerri bought you hats to wear because when you’re that little you have to keep warm. You stayed over night in the nursery until the next day…then Uncle Lenny, Aunt Karen and everyone was up to see you and bring you all kinds of gifts, I mean, it was your birthday!!!!

We were in the hospital for 4 days because of the C Section you have to be monitored. Daddy stayed every night with me in the room as uncomfortable as that chair/bed was, he never left our side (only to go home and shower). Grandma came that day to help us bring you home; you had a lot of stuff! She stayed with us the first week because you had a hard time sleeping, you would want to be awake during the night and sleep all day! So Grandma helped us out big time!!!!

Then right after you came home Daddy’s had appendix surgery, you were only 2 weeks old! And he was on bed rest for almost 2 months…he finally got back to work and Grandma Sharpley was at the time in a nursing home (we can tell you all about her when you are older) you got to meet her when you were just 3 months old right before Thanksgiving, and she took a turn for the worse and was hospitalized then she passed away on December 22, 2010.

It was a very hard time, with Christmas 3 days away, and it being your first one, we tried to make everything special (even though you didn’t remember) Daddy celebrated with you as if nothing happened! He was truly a soldier at that point. Grandma Sharpley was buried December 30, 2010 and that day we decided to have you stay with Gerri. You were too young to attend such a grown up function. You were so good for her and Marcus that day…you helped me and Daddy so much!

Oh, did I mention that we moved into a house 3 days before Grandma Sharpley passed away…yep, we weren’t even unpacked yet! Our lease was up in our apartment, so we found this house in Hamilton and we had to take it because we needed a place to live. It wasn’t the greatest house, ask Daddy about it when your older! You continued to grow so nicely, even the doctors said you were growing so fast, so ahead of other children with your height, weight and all the activities that you were doing. You crawled and 2 weeks later, right to walking! You have been walking since 10mths! You are so ahead of the game you don’t even want formula anymore.

You love noodles, bread, jello, pudding, bananas and ice cream! You hate chicken and beef…but we are still trying new food every time we eat. You only ate baby food for about a month and you got tired of it…it was very funny you would shake your head no when we would put it near your mouth. You put everything in your mouth, literally. Carpet, dirt, grass etc. You love water, that was your favorite, and then you wanted the bottles when we were done drinking it. You only slept between someone’s legs, or in the bed (bad habit).

You love Dora the Explorer, she is on the TV the whole day and night, even the same episode, you don’t care as long as you hear the theme song and the map sing you would sit there and dance. We are having your 1st birthday as a Dora the Explorer party.

You also love ducks! You would walk around the house saying “Duck” “Duck”. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve got you this huge duck for Easter and you carried it around the house and would tackle it with Daddy and Uncle Shaun all day long. You loved to mimic when someone coughed or laughed. You loved Daddy, you would cry for him if he wasn’t in your site. You used to crawl in the cabinet when we weren’t looking in the kitchen! LOL!

Oh Kenadee, you are almost a year. I have seen you grow so much I don’t even believe it, it shocks me every day. Daddy just sent me a picture of you and I just starred at it because I couldn’t believe how big you have gotten! I love you more then anything in this world, you are my world, and I will always be there for you and do everything for you. You make me smile every day and bring so much joy and happiness into my life, I love you peanut…


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